All the Earth Proclaim the Lord
All the earth proclaim the Lord

Sing your praise to God,
Serve you the Lord,
heart filled with gladness,
Coming to His presence
Singing for joy. (All the earth)

He is the Lord, our creator
Yes, He is our father
We are his sons. (All the earth)

Our Lord is good, his word enduring,
His love abiding,
New with all.


Ref. : I have come to thee to take thy touch before I begin my day.
1. Let thy eyes rest upon my eyes for a while.
2. Let me take to my work the assurance of thy comradeship, my friend.
3. Fill my mind with thy music to last through the desert of noise.
4. Let thy love's sunshine kiss the peaks of my thoughts and linger in my life's valley where the harvest ripens.


Almighty God
Origin of Truth and Knowledge
Guide us in our studies
Teach us your love and peace
Help us to proclaim the brother-hood of Man
Grant us to seek truth always


Almighty God, we sincerely thank you for all the benefits we have received from your bountiful love. We are aware of our manifold weakness. We ask your pardon for failing to come up to your expectations today. We request you to continue your kindness towards us and enable us to fulfill your Holy will wherever we are.