• St. PAUL'S ACADEMY, Dariyapur

    Affiliated to CBSE,
    Delhi Upto Secondary Level

  • Established by St. Paul's Anglo
    Indian Educational Society

  • An enlightened mind that would strive
    for excellence in every sphere

Notice Update : Admission Open for Session 2022-23

CBSE, Delhi Affiliation

St. Paul Academy

Affiliation No. 331111, School No. 66883

St. Paul's School is a minority Anglo-Indian Christian Institution by reason of both religion and language. The Academy was established by St. Paul's Anglo Indian Educational Society solely for the education and cultural development primarily of Anglo-Indian Christian children admitting inter-alia such other children irrespective of caste, creed, location, language or sex as are desirous of receiving education in St. Paul's School.

Boys and girls, enrolled at St. Paul's, are expected to develop during the years of their formation:

  • Loyalty and devotion to God and Country;
  • An appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of our country;
  • A spirit of service to their fellow human beings.
  • Qualities of leadership through active participation in games and co-curricular activities.
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Students are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times and in all places. The whole-hearted co-operation of the guardians is expected at all times in the formation of the character of their children.

  • Every student must carry his/her school dairy and ID Cards to school on every working day.
  • Students should arrive at the school 15 minutes before the first bell
  • All boys/girls must be clean and neatly dressed and appear in the school uniform according to the season.
  • Low waist Pants, Tapered pants, funk hair style are strictly prohibited which may lead to expulsion
  • During the absence of a teacher from the classroom, the student must obey the monitor appointed to maintain good order.
  • All students from LKG to STD III must have both Full Pants and Half Pants. Half pants to be worn from April till September (LKG to STD III). All students must wear full pant from October till March.